Bringing People Together

A new approach to marketing
​in today's highly competitive business climate

About us

Russian American Chamber of South Florida (“RAC”) is an organization designed to enhance prosperity for Russian and American Businesses in Florida and is committed to serving the needs of the growing Russian community. Russian American Chamber prides itself on bringing people together for the purpose of bringing unity to the Russian-speaking community, bridging ties between Russian and American businesses and creating an entrepreneurial environment where companies grow, individuals succeed and the community benefits. Through their continued efforts, Russian American Chamber has become the “go to” source for information, support, cultural events, festivals, business referrals, networking, socializing and much more. Due to RAC’s extensive involvement and dedication to helping people and businesses, many refer to Russian American Chamber of South Florida as the trusted voice in the Russian community. In fact, on average more than 8,000 visit RAC’s website every month searching for services they need or contacting Russian American Chamber for a referral for services they need.

Russian American Chamber of South Florida is committed to providing leadership, advocacy, networking opportunities, education, cultural awareness and exposure to our members to create an environment where businesses can flourish. We believe in the old-fashioned way of doing business in a modern economy. Personal relationships are still the number one reason why people do business together. That is why one of the most popular things about Russian American Chamber is their monthly Business Networking Events which are attended by some of South Florida’s top business professionals. These business networking events allow like-minded business professionals to form relationships to help further the growth of their respective businesses.

The Russian population in South Florida is a vast and growing community. In comparison to other ethnic communities integrated in South Florida, the Russian population remains a distinct, niche market. Russian American Chamber of South Florida bridges the Russian and American communities in South Florida to introduce a new and innovative approach to marketing your business. Regional competition for brand awareness and overall sales is fierce.  Spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising is cost prohibitive because small businesses cannot compete with corporate giants with unlimited budgets.  Online marketing is definitely more efficient, but the competition grows significantly every day and visibility is difficult to achieve without spending a fortune.  Even the model of a typical Chamber of Commerce is becoming challenging because one exists in almost every major city and they all provide similar services with the same approach. So, what makes the Russian American Chamber of South Florida so unique?

Russian American Chamber of South Florida is committed to deliver an array of services and opportunities to allow you to foster such relationships and grow your business in the most efficient and effective way possible. We provide out of the box marketing strategies at minimal cost. The concept of bridging the Russian and American communities offers an array of opportunities to both cultures which would otherwise be unattainable. Our innovative approach to marketing streamlines your advertising costs and allows you to market your business to a new target audience.  Whether you are a Russian or American business, the opportunities for growth are endless.

We invite you to differentiate and get noticed! Join the Russian American Chamber of South Florida today!