We are pleased to announce our new Gift Card.  The Gift Card can only be given by a current member to a new member.  The recipient of the Gift Card received $ 50 off any membership level when they join the Russian American Chamber of South Florida.  The member that recruits a new member receives a $ 50 credit towards the renewal of their membership.  The Gift Card will be available at the registration table of our events. Don’t forget to ask for them when you register.  The Gift Card will save you money…  save your friends money… and will help to grow our chamber.

“Personal relationships are still the number one reason why people do business together”… Give a Gift to a Friend and introduce them to the most exciting, new chamber in our community.

Thank you for your assistance in growing our organization.  The growth of Russian American Chamber of South Florida will help bring additional exposure to our members, stimulate economic growth in our local community and enhance quality of life in South Florida.

Bringing People Together