Bringing People Together

russian speaking business connections

The Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida was created by the founder of Russian Speaking Business Connections, a well-known networking organization in South Florida which has been on the forefront of connecting Russian Speaking Businesses through exclusive memberships.

Russian Speaking Business Connections is a business referral group designed to further the growth of local businesses in South Florida. The purpose of the organization is to bring local businesses together who have a common thread in the Russian speaking community which is the Russian language. The concept is helping each other through the exchange of quality referrals. It’s not WHAT you know… It’s WHO you know!

Russian Speaking Business Connections has been on the forefront of connecting Russian speaking businesses through exclusive memberships for nearly 10 years. While marketing your business to a vast audience is extremely important, Russian Speaking Business Connections takes a different approach. Russian Speaking Business Connections provides an intimate and personal networking experience which forms strong bonds between members on both a professional and personal level.

Russian Speaking Business Connections prides itself on exclusivity.  Therefore, you are the only member in your area of expertise.  For a listing of all other benefits, please visit for more information.

If you are interested in more intimate and personal networking and to be part of a business referral leads group, you are welcome to attend the next Russian Speaking Business Connections member meeting and see if it is right for you. For information on attending as a guest, please email