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BASIC ($275)



TRUSTEE ($2,500)

SPONSOR ($5,000)


Annual membership opportunities are offered at five comprehensive levels. The variety of levels allows you to choose the level that best fits the needs of your business growth plan. Whether you seek to grow your market exposure, reach a new target audience or enhance your community relations profile, we have a level that is right for you.

You will see the greatest return on your investment through your involvement.  We encourage you to get involved, take advantage of the various benefits and develop relationships that count.  People still cite personal relationships as the number one reason they do business with someone. 


Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida prides itself on… BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER!  The rest is your part!


Invest in yourself and join our fast growing community.  Which membership level best supports your business growth plan?

BASIC ($275)

• Free admission to events for one employee (Value: $ 240) 

Does not include special events

• Website Membership Directory Listing for one category with direct link to your website  $50 each additional category

• SEO of RAC website and Member Directory

• Targeted print and social media promotion to drive traffic to RAC Members Directory​

​• Daily social media promotion to increase awareness of RAC and its members 

• Networking opportunities at various events

• Member to Member Discounts

• Monthly e-Newsletters

• Tax Deduction

• Opportunity to establish relationships with local government leaders

• Opportunity to join RAC Chapters: WOMEN in Business and Y-RAP (Young-Russian American Professionals)

• Promotion of RAC events, website membership directory and chamber via email blasts, social media and local print and online publications

• Printed name tags at events

• Opportunity to be a co-sponsor of RAC events


• Everything included in Basic Membership plus the following additions/changes

• Free admission to events for up to 3 employees (Value: $ 720)
 Does not include special events

• Opportunity to host a RAC event at your location


• Everything included in Basic and Corporate Membership plus the following additions/changes

• Free admission to events for up to 5 employees (Value: $ 1,200)
 Does not include special events

​• Email blasts of your company’s advertisement through RAC’s extensive email database up to 4 times per year ​

• Your company logo with direct link to your website on membership directory listing

• Preferred positioning in category listing

• Extended promotion of your company through RAC social media sites

TRUSTEE ($2,500)

• Everything included in Basic, Corporate and Executive Membership plus the following additions/changes

• Free admission to events for up to 7 employees (Value: $ 1,680)
 Does not include special events

• Email blasts of your company’s advertisement through RAC’s extensive email database up to 8 times per year

• Choose up to 3 category listings in our Member Directory (Value: $ 100)

• Listing on Trustee’s Page with your bio and logo

• Company Logo/Ad in scrolling Featured Members Section on RAC website homepage

SPONSOR ($5,000)

• Everything included in Basic, Corporate, Executive, and Trustee Membership plus the following additions/changes

• Free admission to events for up to 9 employees (Value: $ 2,160)
 Does not include special events

• Logo on all printed materials, e-mail blasts and invitations *

• Logo on all RAC video productions *

• Logo on all 12 ft X 8 ft Step and Repeat Banners *

• Logo on RAC freestanding retractable banner displayed at events *

• Extensive visibility of logo and name recognition associated with all RAC promotion*

• Preferred seating at special events

• Banner on RAC website Member Directory listing

• Your logo prominently displayed as a chamber Sponsor on the website homepage

• Special acknowledgement of RAC sponsors at all speaking events*

• Preferred position of listing in website directory for up to 5 categories

** Except where it conflicts with event venue.

​NOTE: Only RAC Sponsors and Event sponsors are permitted to display banners and materials at RAC events


We are pleased to announce our new Gift Card.  The Gift Card can only be given by a current member to a new member.  The recipient of the Gift Card received $ 50 off any membership level when they join the Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida.  The member that recruits a new member receives a $ 50 credit towards the renewal of their membership.  The Gift Card will be available at the registration table of our events. Don’t forget to ask for them when you register.  The Gift Card will save you money…  save your friends money… and will help to grow our chamber.

“Personal relationships are still the number one reason why people do business together”… Give a Gift to a Friend and introduce them to the most exciting, new chamber in our community.

Thank you for your assistance in growing our organization.  The growth of Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida will help bring additional exposure to our members, stimulate economic growth in our local community and enhance quality of life in South Florida.



Become a part of the RUSSIAN-SPEAKING AMERICAN CHAMBER OF SOUTH FLORIDA Member-to-Member Discount Program. Members are encouraged to do business with other members.  Offering discounts provides additional value to members and persuades them to select your services over your competitors.  To take advantage of this program and offer a discount to your fellow members, please contact us:

Participating members below:


Law Office of Steven S. Farbman, P.A. 

(954) 923-3603
Specializing in Personal Injury Law in Florida since1985
Free initial consultation and 10% off collected attorney’s fees

​Florida Russian Magazine 

(786) 252-6616
Free Initial Consultation

Kora Group Services Corp./Caviar Bazar

(727) 328-0310
10% Member Discount

Berman Chiropractic Center

(305) 940-2225
Complimentary 1st visit including consultation with doctor, examination and x-rays (if needed)

Cash Flow In Miami 

(786) 942-0502
Title insurance to be paid for the buyer

A & D Mortgage Corp  (305) 760-7000
10% Discount


Phychological & Neurofeedback Centre
) 394-9196
10% Discount

​Atlantic VIP Realty Group LLC 

(954) 592-5574
Free initial real estate consultation and personal property search

Mariya Stoyanova PA
(954) 646-6477
Member Discount 20%



Executive, Trustee and Sponsor members of RAC may submit their promo ads for distribution to RAC’s extensive database of nearly 8,000 local business professionals (approximately 70% Russian Speaking and 30% American).  This benefit may be utilized up to 4 times during the membership term by Executive Level Members. Additional blasts are included with Trustee and Sponsor Level Memberships.

If you are already a member of RAC at Executive Level or higher, you may email your promo ad and/or photos along with detailed instructions to  Promo ads and photos must be in the following format and to the below specifications (Promo Ads which do not meet the below requirements may NOT be distributed through our email database software):

*On average it takes 1 to 2 business days for the distribution of email blasts
*Please note restrictions under the format options


  • Submit ready-made ad in PDF format

  • Must be less than 5 MB

  • Must be less than 1728 pixels in height


  • ​Width - Ideally, no more than 600 pixels wide  (See more image dimension suggestions below)

  • File Size - No larger than about 350 KB

  • Height - Image must be less than 1700 pixels tall (If you require more information. You can provide two separate images to put one on top of the other) ​​Note:   If your image editor has an option to "Save for Web & Devices" (Photoshop) or to "Optimize" the image, choose a resolution that shrinks the image's file size to less than 350 KB

  • Color Mode - Not CMYK (RGB is ideal) Note: Turn off any color management settings in your image editor to help prevent colors from changing when viewed online.

  • Layers - Flatten or remove layers

  • Save the image file as a PNG, JPG, or GIF file

An alternative to providing a ready-made ad for email blasts:

  • If you are unable to provide a ready-made ad in compliance with the above referenced specifications, you may email us 1 to 5 photos along with text in a Microsoft Word Document. The contents will then be put into a general format and a proof will be emailed to you upon request.


  • No Hyperlinks to emails are permitted

  • No materials determined by the Board of Directors to be possibly offensive to others in any nature will be distributed

  • Members may not utilize the email blast more than once per month without the express permission and approval of Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida unless they are Sponsors of RAC. The number of email blasts allowable depends on the membership level

  • Solicitation for spornsorships or partnerships of any kind other than for the Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida is strictly prohibited and will not be distributed through any RAC sources without the express permission and approval of Russian-Speaking American Chamber of South Florida.

  • ​Email blasts may not contain names or logos of non members of RAC

  • Limit to 2 hyperlinks

  • Member email blasts will not be distributed on religious holidays

  • No distribution of competing events. If another member already has an event distributed through RAC for a specific date, no additional blasts for events on conflicting dates can be published unless it is a RAC Business Mixer

  • Email blasts by members of RAC may be utilized for the following purposes:

  1. Sending out company promotions (such as the type of services or products the company provides)

  2. Sending out announcement of a special event (such as a grand opening of a business or a special sales event)

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